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Just saw this on Peonies and Polaroids! I had to share!

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From the amazing! Ms. Wayward

Thing to do this weekend: VIA!

I love slashfood.
They tell me about all sorts of things I should be eating. Like cheese. They did this goat cheese thing a few days ago and I about lost my shorts.

But in this case, they are telling me about the new Starbucks Via! taste test October 2-5 at your local shop.
So fun! I wonder if I can guess the difference, being a former lackey and current whore.
We shall see, we shall see!

Best part? FREE. And you get a $1 coupon for via! and a free tall cup.


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The most gorgeous wedding in the world.

So you should know by now that I have a dirty, filty little habit called wedding blogs. I adore them. My google reader is 80% wedding photographer blogs. Obsessed? Yes. But this, THIS is just so perfect, so wonderful. I am obsessed. My lovely boss Jessica told me about this photographer, and I am eternally grateful!

Peacock inspired wedding