The Name (Change) Game

Changing my name to has been surprisingly pain free for the most part. On a whim (and a Groupon) I tried out Miss Now Mrs, which is a great online service that has you enter in your info once and it auto populates all your forms for you! I love it! Plus they ask you about things I didn't think of right away, like insurance and investments and auto populates a form letter to send off to all your companies. They also give you a list of what to send and bring to each agency or company to make sure you are prepared. So, armed with my forms, I was unstoppable.
Social Security office? I breezed in and out in less than 5 minutes. Little known fact, you can just bring your signed marriage license, you don't need the certified copy one.
DMV? Always a wait, but the staff was super helpful, also learned a lot about motorcycles and basically went on a date with this couple as they sat their quizzing each other about their lives. After 2 hours of sitting next to them I was like, "I know, me too!" Awkward.
Bank? Again, in and out in 5 minutes.
But my passport was probably the scariest of all.
First, you have to (gulp) send in your actual passport. And get a new photo. This is where I got concerned. I didn't want to go take the time to get a new photo. Enter ePassport Photo I just uploaded a quick head shot my friend Christina took of me against a white wall, adjusted the crop and bam! they sent it to my local Walgreens. Pretty much in love.
Now all I have to do is send off letters to my credit card, insurance companies and wait for my boss to come back from vacation and I will officially, officially be Mrs. Bolton. (Yahoo!)
Disclaimer: None of these companies even know I exist, I just really liked their services and thought I would share.


Amanda Miller said...

Best part is being asked your name and awkwardly correctly yourself.. as if you forgot your own name. On more than one occasion i said amanda yates.. oh wait amanda miller. Or i was like im not sure when i made the appointment so it could be yates or miller.

Enjoy everything Mrs Bolton!

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