This Weekend!

This weekend we saw 'Hot Tub Time Machine', rode up to Prescott for Lee Ann's wedding and went to a spring training game with CJ's family.

Here are some highlights!

My friend got married here. So, yeah.
And then I took a grip of photos.
Like our legs...
And our feet. Oh, wait, there is a wedding going on! Focus!
Lee Ann looking gorgeous.
Lee Ann, Max and Rev. Santa Claus
Dude, is that Santa Claus? Yes, and you are wearing a baseball hat to a wedding.

Jacky and Marissa were excited. Look my shadow!
Cube wall buddy gets officially married.
I take a photo demonstrating the awkwardness of my elbow.
Remember this one too? Yeah.
I took some wicked sun flare shots ala Simply Bloom
CJ was so so bored. Also holding the marriage license. It was a big job.
295 photos later Lee Ann was like, "Dude we are starving. Can we go to our reception." Me: "Whatevs. It's your wedding."
Peace out.
Sunday we went to a baseball game. CJ was dubious. Lady behind me needs to look into a strapless tanning shirts.
Then we had peanuts!
So exciting. Note the amazing mountain man beard CJ is growing in my honor.
CJ's brother Dan (not growing a beard in my honor) was like, uh game, maybe focus.
But I could not focus.
Because this! was in my beverage!!!
So we decided to move to the upper deck for shade and a place to vomit.
Dan was there too.
Aw. Brothers.
Twas fun.

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