Warby Parker Eyeglasses.

I recently stumbled across Warby Parker looking for stylish frames that were not going to cost me a month's rent. They have really great styles, inexpensive prices include the lenses, anti-reflect, anti-scratch, ship directly to you, and have a free return policy. I love these the most and who can beat the price at $95 + shipping? Crazy!

Wallpaper. Curse you.

Wallpaper update: CJ and I decided to embark on this adventure to remove the fugly that is our bedroom wallpaper TOGETHER (as in a team) but on Friday night I got antsy and I may have probably taken down a tiny corner of the wallpaper. Now I did not mean to be disrespectful, but hey, I guess it was. Because we are a TEAMGODDAMMIT and I broke the solemn vow of togetherness. So as my punishment, instead of immediately jumping out of bed on Saturday to take down wallpaper, CJ decided we would clean and organize the office. Well this was just about the worst thing I had ever heard. Why? Because I knew that if I did not immediately just take my boxes of books outside to the garage, then I would endure a day of 'reorganization' (aka watch CJ move piles of stuff around) so I just picked up my boxes and heaved them into the abyss of the garage. I realize this sounds crazy. Tiffany's books, packed up, in a garage. Does not compute. And I had a bit of a freak out moment. Mostly I was sick of jamming my stuff into spaces, unable to find anything and having to trek down to the garage to find a spatula. It is getting pretty ridiculous. But I realized that this cramped space is not forever and I had to come to terms with CJ's frustration that although it is his house, he does not have control over the space and the amount of shit his mom has packed in every corner. So me ranting and raving about my BOOKS seems pretty childish in comparison to a man wanting a clear walkway to the computer. With that settled, we trekked off to the Home Depot where we stared blankly at the wallpaper removal tools. We decided to try the cheaper route of using this icky blue enzyme gel and a scorer to try first. Armed with supplies, we tackled the first corner. Goo was spread, prayers were said and at the end of the 20 minute manufacturer prescribed waiting period, we attempted to POOF! pull down sheets of wallpaper! scrape scrape, not even an edge. scrape, scrape, BEHOLD, AN EDGE. AND PULL. The paper ripped about 2 inches, leaving PAPER backing. Say what?! CJ and I looked at each other. And in that moment I realized all my 'it's going to be so easy, look, the internet said so' was going to render me helpless to endless taunting for the next couple weeks. Because we reached the inevitable conclusion that we had the super of all super wallpapers, impregnable, impenetrateable, impossible with the toughest, strongest glue known to misguided decorators. This wall paper would survive a nuclear blast. And when we finally broke down and bought the wallpaper removal steamer, we realized the PAINT UNDERNEATH THE GLUE melted before this FETCHING GLUE. After 1.5 days of hard hard labor, endless dripping scalding hot water and many a 'don't scrape my face!' we have uncovered 1/3 of our room. I have to say, all the taunting, pocked marked and diseased looking patches of exposed dry wall, truly do make up for the lack of pink patchwork wallpaper. CJ has not quite exhausted his I-told-you-so chorus, but I can tell he enjoys the satisfaction of a job well done and a soon to be pink-free zone. Pictures soon!