The one post where we all talk about how "Fifty Shades of Grey" is not about werewolves.

No one told me what I was getting into, I was just like, "FINE. Give me the damn book, I will read it." HOLY HOLY. I was just waiting for Christian Grey to be a werewolf or something. BUT NO. He's not a werewolf. And then I got to wondering why all my SAHM Mormon friends recommended this to me, but that's a WHOLE nuther discussion. At the end of the day: I am not crazy about the writing, it's atrocious and repetitive and Ana needs some serious therapy. Hell, I need some therapy after reading this. I find myself reading passages out loud to CJ and he literally grabs it from my hand and says, "NO way, it does not say that!" It does. Not for the squeamish, virgins, or faint of heart. But the banter is fun, the book is well, "enlightening" and I am racing through them at warp speed.


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