Whitewater Rafting

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Coca Colla

Looks like Bolivia is coca crazy. The country recently gave a thumbs up to produce a cola with coca leaves included, much like the original coca cola. My grandma first told me about the Coca Cola phenomenon when I lived in Bolivia with her and my grandpa. I wonder if this one will be green too?
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Discover Magazine: Athletes are Geniuses

This was such a facinating article by my favorite folks at Discover Magazine.
To explain how brains make these on-the-fly decisions, Reza Shadmehr of Johns Hopkins University and John Krakauer of Columbia University two years ago reviewed studies in which the brains of healthy people and of brain-damaged patients who have trouble controlling their movements were scanned. They found that several regions of the brain collaborate to make the computations needed for detailed motor actions. The brain begins by setting a goal—pick up the fork, say, or deliver the tennis serve—and calculates the best course of action to reach it. As the brain starts issuing commands, it also begins to make predictions about what sort of sensations should come back from the body if it achieves the goal. If those predictions don’t match the actual sensations, the brain then revises its plan to reduce error. Shadmehr and Krakauer’s work demonstrates that the brain does not merely issue rigid commands; it also continually updates its solution to the problem of how to move the body. Athletes may perform better than the rest of us because their brains can find better solutions than ours do.
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Behold, the Pineberry.

Pineberries are a designer fruit hybrid that looks like a white strawberry with red seeds, but which allegedly smells and tastes like a pineapple.
Where can I find these?
Oh just the U.K.
Here are the details from Slashfood.
Grandpa, can you provide any details?