National Geographic

This post on cave spelunking absolutely blew my mind. I remember reading National Geographic when I was a kid at my great grandma Schlough's house. Since then I haven't picked one up. Now I see what I have been missing! Now I know what clausterphobic people experience. Facinating.

New Charity Alert: Operation Shower

I just came across Operation Shower on one of my favorite blogs, Stem.
I cannot tell you how amazing their mission is. They provide baby showers to women with spouses in the military. Quirky, heartfelt and amazing.

Read all about it here:

You can find that on aisle 5, m'am.

After work I popped over to Target to grab some essentials, on my way out of the lotion aisle, an elderly Hispanic woman stops me and says, "Dear, where can I find the douche?" blink, blink. Excuse me? "What was it you were trying to find?" "Douche! The DOUCHE! where can I get it? You look like a nice lady who can tell me where it is. I can't get no one to help me."

I pause, take stock of what I am currently carrying:
baby wipes
paper towel

Yep, looks like I am the kind of girl who knows where the douche is.

Me: Follow me m'am.

We arrive at chez douche, I generally point to the area saying, "there it is."

Lady: Where is it, I don't see it, I need the douche for your vagina.
Me: Oh-kay, just that bottom shelf there.
Lady: I don't reach well, you get it for me.
Me: (ohmygosh, ohmygosh, grabs douche box for stranger, ohmygosh) Okay well have a nice day.
Lady: (Nothing)

I walk away trying not to die of laughter.
As Emily says, "No shame in her game."

PetSmart Analyst Day 2009

© 2009, The NASDAQ OMX Group, Inc.
Well we did it! Yesterday I had the pleasure of participating in the NASDAQ Opening Bell Ceremony for PetSmart and then running our Analyst Day. It was a crazy time and I am so excited I was able to have a hand in the process. I flew out Tuesday with CJ, Julie and Jessica and we were able to do alot of sightseeing in between all the work. More stories and photos to follow!

helpful tips 101from elefantitas alegres by Kate

From one of my favorite blogs:
'helpful tips 101from elefantitas alegres by Kate'

last night i made a seriously exciting discovery... there are TIES on the inside of my duvet cover that connect to the LOOPS on the corners of my down comforter, ensuring that the duvet STAYS IN PLACE and doesn't shift or bunch. ummmmmmmmm, why did no one tell me this? i've spent YEARS battling the bunchy duvet every morning, bemoaning the glorious photo spreads in Pottery Barn, asking the god (little 'g') of housewares why my duvet never lived up!

this is the type of information that needs to be parachuted into your window (or Harry Potter owl-style-delivery, perhaps) on the day of high school graduation. or better yet, THIS is the shit that needs to be taught in some mandatory elective course prior to the obligatory mortar board toss. because really, did Ceramics II get you anywhere in life?

Helpful Tips 101: Syllabus

Fantasy Football & You: How to Impress Colleagues You Don't Really Care about Impressing

The Minimum Balance: Why Your Parents Weren't Just Trying to be Assholes about Credit Cards

Fitted-Sheet Folding: A How-To Seminar**

Jungle Boogie: Is this Trashcan Punch Roofied, or Just Delicious?

A Memo from Your Metabolism: Stop Fucking Me Up

**i'm accepting guest-speaker applications for this one. i will be in the front row, taking notes, with color-coded pens, and a video camera.

Cheaper, younger-sister of J. Crew?! Someone call Cassie.

I just found Madewell. It's a J. Crew spin off, a bit cheaper and heavy on the Courtney Love.
This is for Cassie.


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