You can find that on aisle 5, m'am.

After work I popped over to Target to grab some essentials, on my way out of the lotion aisle, an elderly Hispanic woman stops me and says, "Dear, where can I find the douche?" blink, blink. Excuse me? "What was it you were trying to find?" "Douche! The DOUCHE! where can I get it? You look like a nice lady who can tell me where it is. I can't get no one to help me."

I pause, take stock of what I am currently carrying:
baby wipes
paper towel

Yep, looks like I am the kind of girl who knows where the douche is.

Me: Follow me m'am.

We arrive at chez douche, I generally point to the area saying, "there it is."

Lady: Where is it, I don't see it, I need the douche for your vagina.
Me: Oh-kay, just that bottom shelf there.
Lady: I don't reach well, you get it for me.
Me: (ohmygosh, ohmygosh, grabs douche box for stranger, ohmygosh) Okay well have a nice day.
Lady: (Nothing)

I walk away trying not to die of laughter.
As Emily says, "No shame in her game."


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