April 2010

CJ's Birthday dinner with his mom, Pam and her bf Ted.


Happy 27 year old!

TJ and Laurie's wedding. Basically I forgot to charge our camera, so all you get are these!

Chuck and Cynthia!
Malissa and Travis (Malissa is quicky becoming my bff. I love ladies from Texas!)

This is Kevin. He is just so onery and fun.

CJ's 2 Football Leagues (He's the tall one.)

My favorite part about the games is that CJ is the center, and the quarterback can barely see over him, and when CJ hikes the ball, the quarterback has to jump to catch the snap.

I also had some major stomach issues that night, the woman's restroom was closed, so I had to use the men's. There were no doors and anyone could have walked in, so I was going in shifts to avoid being walked in on or worse. In the middle of a shift, a mom and 3-4 year old little girl were looking for a restroom so I told them I would keep watch while they went. The little girl walked in, and shrieked at the top of her lungs, "No no no no."  And the mom said, "Honey, it's okay just go potty." And the little girl shrieked again, "Mom I CAN'T! I hate the smell in here! Someone DIED." And ran out. The mom gave me this, "I am so mortified look." I could not have laughed harder. I think I traumatized her.

This is my other favorite Texas girl. Jen my carpool buddy and her dog Bella.
Bella is so darn cute it kills me.

More photos of CJ being cute (and on the phone). I love him in a white t shirt.

That beard growth is a requirement for our relationship!


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