CJ Made Up for Losing My Beloved Kodak Camera in Vietanam with this:

The man sure outdid himself!
World, meet my baby Canon 50D with the 28-155 lens.
Learn more here.
It will be in my possession in 10 business days.
He even got me 2 tripods and a case.
All hail the chief!

Also, I will begin the MBA program at the University of Phoenix next Wednesday. I am so psyched. My syllabus-stated classwork is epic.

On top of that, I signed up for a online photo course with my favorite photographer Nicole Hill Gerulat aka a little sussy. She is amazing and I need it. I just about had a panic attack in Best Buy looking at the cameras. There was a big Nikon vs. Canon battle going on. CJ of course picked up the 50D and instinctively started taking brilliant photos. Not really all that surprised, he is a tech wiz.

Anywho, if you need me, I will be the one burried in books and lenses!


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