Crispy Honey Chicken (or How I Exploded Our Microwave)

Last night I made Crispy Honey Chicken by How Sweet It Is.

This is what it should have looked like:

Instead, mine turned into a stage 5 DISASTER.

First off, I am not so skilled in dredging. By the time I was done dunking the chicken in egg white and dredging the pieces through the cornstarch, the kitchen looked like a crime scene involving paper mache.

Second, when a recipe calls for honey in the title, make sure you have enough. I was trying to stretch a my meager honey supply into 1/3 cup and needed every last drop from the bottle, so I did what my mom always did when she needed to liquefy honey, in put the bottle in the microwave. I pressed start just as CJ was walking through the front door, so I ran downstairs to say hi, completely forgetting the honey.

While we were downstairs we heard this giant "BOOM!" so loud that we both jumped. We ran to upstairs to check out the noise and before I even reached the kitchen, I knew what had happened. I had exploded the bottle of honey all over the inside of the microwave! Apparently, I accidentally pressed "add minute" on the control pad! I opened the microwave door, gasped and shut the door. The mess was unbelievable. Honey dripped in strings from globs all over the ceiling of the microwave and oozed into the corners.CJ asked if he could see the disaster and I said, "No way, you'll make me buy a new microwave. Some things are best left unseen."

CJ nodded, calmly walked to the pantry, reached in and pulled out a big vat of honey. Then he said, "This is almost as much fun as that time you and your mom nearly burnt my house down using pork chops."


I was cleaning honey out of that microwave for an hour.

Am I the only one with dinner disasters like this?


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