Squash Challenge

I have news.
Ever since I was a kid, I had a deep, unabiding loathing for squash of the orange ilk. 

Maybe because of the color or smell, but most definitely the taste. Sweet vegetables are not my thing. Sweet potatoes? Kill me now, just don't place them in front of me at Thanksgiving. 

But this season, I have been seeing all these great savory butternut squash recipes popping up on my favorite food blogs (especially Mrs. Sweet) and I decided maybe squashes won't be my culinary Achilles Heel (Flaked coconut and eel still bring me to my knees, no budging there). I decided to give non-sweet squash a go.

And with that, you will be shocked! Amazed! Flabbergasted!
I actually took on a squash challenge!
That is right!



And I make a different dish every night. The results are exceptional. I am a new woman, and it's easy to prep on Sunday night in addition to all the veggies I cut up for the week.

This year has seen some development in not only my palate, but also my diet. I learned to cook Indian and Thai recipes and to be a lot more conscious about what I put in my body. I learn the most from my friends. Hally Cooper taught me fish, Laurie taught me pizza, Malissa taught me guacamole, Emily taught me veggies, Cassie taught me passion, my Mom taught me timing and the Pioneer Woman and Jamie Oliver taught me everything else.

What are your new cooking challenges?


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