Lee + Bolton ChristmasNewYearBonanza

First off, let's gaze at my tree.

I know right!
Thank you, thank you.
Here's what you need to know. 
All tree decorations are from Tai Pan Trading that Mom, Pone and David helped CJ and I pick out. Ribbon is from Target.

As for the rest of the house, 
CJ's mom Pam has a metric ton of Christmas decor.
I am not kidding. 
She invited me over early December to take stock of the situation.
We left with a small fraction of items including a tree, star and skirt. As well as a ton of side table items I will show you below. Bottom line. 

We are so lucky to have hoarders in our life.

Bask in the glittery goodness. You see those pokey fan things? All Ponie. Genius.
Also, Wendy hunted those flowers down for me. And when we went back post-Christmas, she HUNTED more of those flowers down for me. Much love Mom. Much love.

Mom also found these. Which pretty much made my life.

Okay on to the rest of the room.
Santa and flying reindeer. YES.

Nativity snow globe paired up with our globe collection and smelly pine cones. Yep, we got 'em!

My attempt at decor (aka sticks in a vase with balls, keeping it classy) with a vintage santa with a gold hat. Hello.

More balls in vases.

And my favorite item of decor! DAN BOLTON!

Dan is modeling our office wall and window decor, I call Tuscan teal vomit.(Sorry CJ).

After Christmas with the Bolton-Zerelka-Kucera families, we headed up to St. G for some post-Christmas revelry with the Joneses.

BUT I didn't take any photos. And you missed out on things like Mom, CJ and Pone playing Wii Fit and trying to virtually bat soccer balls with their heads. My apologies.

New Years's Eve was spent at Chris and Charlyn's with Charlyn's family. CJ proclaimed Charlyn's pulled pork as wondrous. But the best part was seeing the first photos of baby Lee on the fridge!

Then we headed down to the strip. Coldplay and Jay Z were playing at the Cosmopolitan, and they broadcasted the concert out to the strip, so CJ and I waited out the last minutes of 2010 dancing to Coldplay and kissed in 2011 to "Viva la Vida." Pretty perfect, I gotta say.

New Year's Day we dragged Chris down to the Bellagio Gardens and I finally took out my camera.
Notes: The Bellagio ripped off my Christmas Tree design and that penguin is CREEPY.

So there it is. I still need to post Thanksgiving, New York and our go kart adventure where I almost killed DAN BOLTON. So stay tuned!

I am Tiffany Lee and I am 28 today.


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